Write about your Lunar new year

п»їTell me about your Antojo New Year

In Chinese and many other Asian countries, people celebrate the Lunar Beginning of the year. With me, the Lunar beginning of the year is the most important holiday of the yr when each of the family's affiliate gather with each other after a hard-working year.

Really 11. 59 PM in December 30th in the Antojo Calendar. In just a minute, Fresh Year's Time began which has a bang. Fireworks are shown, all of my loved ones drank champagne, kissed and hugged with each other. We all screamed " Completely happy New Year " -a expression to say good bye to the old year and hello for the New Year. In that case, we all possess a snack food and watch TELEVISION SET together. Subsequent, our father and mother gave me and my brother several ‘lucky money' and we every wish each other New Year's greeting. After that, we all have a treat and watch TELEVISION together until morning.

Inside the first early morning of the yr, we all lay together for any ‘breakfast fresh year'. Generally there, we reduce for all of the mistakes of the old year and only speak about the strategies for the new year. Next, following finishing the breakfast, when our whole neighbor visited visit grandparents, visit someone else's house, we call every of our relatives that lives far away from us to greet for the Happy New Year and be home more for most during to relax to get the long trip the day after

In the evening through the day, our family traveled to visit a few of my dad's old good friend and consumed coffee at a yard cafГ© to relax. It was really interesting!

Lunar Beginning of the year is my favorite vacation as well as the most significant to me. Family share happiness with every members of the family. I'm very glad to indicate Lunar New Year with my family. With these kinds of relaxing days and nights, I got my energy again which help myself overcome the issue in my life. Tacha New Year is my favorite is my favorite holiday break as well as the most important to me. Family members share pleasure with every loved ones. I'm extremely glad to indicate Lunar Beginning of the year with my loved ones. With these types of relaxing days, I got my own energy again which help myself overcome the down sides in my life...



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