Girls in the 1950s compared to 2000s


Women's Lovemaking Freedoms & Rights inside the 1950's as opposed to 2000's

I decided to stick with my matter from my previous content and use it because my range assignment matter. As a female I can associate very easily to the topic and although I have not confronted what a lot of women may have back in the 1950's, I and all girls still face inequality and discrimination upon some amount same level. As a girl I think it is important to educated yourself with this topic and value and appreciate almost all progress females have made over time abd how long we have arrive. For years as well as to some extent to this say females are thought about as the weaker sex and women in the 2000's have become impowering themselves and other females

Women have made great strides in the fight for equality from your 1950's to the current day. The movement for women's legal rights arose inside the 19th hundred years as an off collection abolitionism. The early feminists were individuals who had been inspired by simply our Decolration of Freedom and it's guidelines of specific rights and responsibilites.

In the 50s perfect samples of the stereotypical woman during that time period will be Lucy coming from I love Sharon or Betty from Pleasantville. Lucy via I love sharon was a perfect example of a lady who was unfit to be doing anything on her individual or without a mans/husbands help. Betty, via Pleasantville is a superb example of an ideal mother and wife. In the 1950's it was extremely unheard of for a female to persue her education further than high school graduation. After high school a woman was expected to marry. A womans role in society inside the 1950's was to be a thorough homemaker, a caring mom, and an excellent wife. A great wife fundamentally meant to follow your hubby and believe everything he said. A woman's job was preparing food, cleaning, caring for the children. The sole women who performed work had been poor females or girls of a lower class. These types of women had been resented for " stealing" mens careers and more therefore during the Great Depression. Women...

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