Rare Gems: Music Album Review

Music album review

Unusual Gems: The first recordings of Jagjit Singh

It almost had taken a decade to get Jagjit Singh to cut his first Lengthy Playing Record ‘The Unforgettable' in 1976. When Jagjit Singh started out his career as a vocalist in the Mid-60's film music ruled the roost while popular music and Ghazals as persisted being esoteric in their file format were simply patronized by the ghazal specialists. Jagjit Singh as a performer and writer released several Super Sevens in this period spanning by 1966 to 1975. To commemorate the silver jubilee of his recording profession, HMV brought out a 2-Volume Cassette in 1992 of those earlier recordings of Jagjit Singh-Chitra Singh. This Recording now available in CD nevertheless contains nineteen numbers out of your 21 original compilations would definitely be a product to be cherished by Jagjit Singh enthusiasts, if they are continue to yet to get this Rare Gem.

The recordings not only offer an opportunity to enjoy these unheard songs, nevertheless also provide an idea regarding the development of Jagjit Singh being a singer and composer. After having a brief launch on the creation of the Album by the Istitutore himself, both 1966 arrangement by C. K. Chauhan follows in succession. Faruq Kaiser's 'Apna gham bhool gaye' and Shamin Shahabadi's 'Aankh ko jam samajh baitha anjaane mein/saqia hosh kahan hai deewano ko' give a a sense of singing type of early Mehdi Hasan music. Both the Ghazals are exquisite.

What follows subsequent are compositions by Jagjit Singh. Picking out poetry has been that of the Masters of Urdu Beautifully constructed wording as Momin/Mir/Daagh/Ghalib etc . These types of recordings of 1970 contains Jigar's 'Yeh kisika tassavur', Momin's 'Wo jo hum mein tum mein qarar tha', Ghalib's 'Bas ke dushwar hai', Daag's 'Ajab Apna Haal Hota Jo Visaal-E-Yaar Hota' all sung by Chitra Singh. Jagjit Singh's quantities include Jigar's 'Mujhe para rahe hain tassaliyan', Daagh's 'Dil Ko Kya Ho Gaya Khuda Jane'and Mir's 'Patta patta boota boota'. These quantities are methodized around the style of ghazal vocal singing in vogue too...



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