The partnership between Man and Mother nature in Bill Wordsworth's poetry.

Nature has a dominant position in Wordsworth's poetry particularly in ‘There Was a Boy' and ‘Composed upon Westminster Bridge', because in both we have a connection among Man fantastic surroundings, Character. In ‘There Was a Boy' and ‘Composed upon Wc2 Bridge' Wordsworth expresses his love pertaining to nature in imaginative and creative way, for example ‘Uplifted, he, since through an instrument, Blew mimic hootings to the silent owls'. What Wordsworth was attempting say is that he boy spoke to nature and it replied which confirms the fact that nature is actually there and nature can never desert you. Wordsworth finds out as well as determines in his poems a passionate, remarkable, emotional and spiritual and relationship between nature and human existence. The love of nature prospects Wordsworth for the love of man which can be noticeable in many of his poems. Wordsworth feels the existence of a keen spirit about all items of character – in the setting sunshine, the circular ocean, the living atmosphere, the green sky etc . According to Wordsworth, nature plays the role of giving joy to human heart, and the healing influence upon sorrow packed hearts. Wordsworth takes enjoyment in gathering with characteristics. Wordsworth type of writing makes his operate extremely stunning in both equally yours and his imagination, for example ‘with every its solemn imagery, its rocks, its woods, and this uncertain bliss received into the bosom with the steady lake'. It gives a clear sense of what Wordsworth was aiming to express towards us and to try to generate us obviously see precisely what is in his brain. In the poem ‘Composed upon Westminster Bridge', Wordsworth's sis Dorothy said ‘... we left Birmingham on Sat morning for ½ earlier 5 or 6, the 31st This summer (I include forgot which) we mounted the Dover Coach at Charing Combination. It was a lovely morning. The location, St Pauls, with the Lake & a variety of little Boats, made a most beautiful view as we entered Westminster Connect. The houses are not overhung by their cloud of smoke & they...



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