Southwest Air carriers

Southwest Air carriers


Tangible Resources

Financial Resources - Freebie southwest has usually managed their cash very well. In the financial year 2001, the air travel had produced 64, 446, 773with a great operating salary of 821, 659 and a credit rating value very good Physical Resources - In all the urban centers it operates instead of having agents or computerized reservation system Southwest has it is reservation centre and vending machines at the airports. Recently Southwest just operated in cities near Texas, nevertheless started to expand in 1993 to other areas in the northeast part of US where the inhabitants density was your highest. In addition the company property have also elevated from twenty two million four decades ago to about 9 billion dollars in 2002 Technological Solutions - Freebie southwest has constantly believed in cutting down additional cost. One of the approaches has been to work with only a single type of plane Boeing 737 for its complete fleet. The dimensions of fleet in 2002 was 355. With the remaining aircrafts were leased. At the end of 2001, Freebie southwest was committed to 132 h for the 737-700 aircraft. The company 's website is responsible for 46 with the has the one of many largest quantity of clicks per day among all the airline operators Intangible Solutions

Human Resources - Southwest air carriers increased it is employee power from 195 in the year year 1971 to about 34, 000 in the year 2002. The airline has never laid-off an employee during this period. The company is actually management team is excellent be it the president Herb Kelleher, CE David Parker or COO Colleen Parker Status Resources - The brand benefit of South west is one of the most unusual in its location. The air travel in addition to being known as a low-cost flight, Southwest is additionally known for their excellent support and strange attitude. The client associate the name South west with a great airline that is fun to fly with, caring and also economical


Management -- The administration of Freebie southwest is considered to be one among most powerful of all...



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