Shark Culling

Proof still necessary that shark culling works.

The issue of shark culling has recently surfaced in the media. The article ‘Proof still necessary that shark culling works', authored by Glenn Hyndes and posted on abc. com, details the fact that there is no data that shark culling is beneficial for the public, yet the legislation has been employed by the American Australian Govt. This article was written in December twelfth 2013, when shark culling was reviewed in the mass media, has a extremely passionate, logical and concerned tone towards the theme. Hyndes has written this article for an audience of people who believe sharks can be a danger, folks who want to safeguard sharks and the Western Australian Government. Hyndes implies throughout the article there is a split between those who want public safety and others who want to safeguard sharks. He reasons there is a divided over the issue and that this ‘boils down' to public safety and protecting sharks. He has used this kind of dialect in a hope to appeal to his audience who take either side of the fence, mainly in hope to open up the argument to those who also are to get shark culling. Hyndes also acknowledges that there is an increase in shark attacks and he uses the language " certainly the threat to public safety, ” showing the audience that he really does understand all their concern but there is different ways around the concern. He also recognises that there was a study stating that sharks happen to be growing in masse but he admits that " there is not any evidence”. He really tries to plead and convince together with the audience that encounters with sharks are certainly not due to an increase in population, somewhat other factors. Hyndes has presented his market from the start together with his use of terminology and asking the reader of the beliefs of shark culling. Hyndes features effectively used imagery to convey the rift between the public. The low camera angle shows the shark as a dangerous and terrifying predator however the light reflecting on the water also shows the...



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