Operations Administration - Chapter 12 Examination

Businesses Management - Chapter doze - Support Test Concerns

1 . 1 . MRP is ideal if the products on hand items have got dependent require. True False


MRP ideal dependent demand scenarios.

2 . 2 . Low-level coding symbolizes items lower than $18 per unit. Authentic False


Low-level coding requirements items at their cheapest BOM levels.

3. several. Independent demand tends to be even more 'lumpy' than dependent demand meaning that we require large quantities then periods of no demand. True Phony


Dependent require is more lumpy.

4. 4. Lumpy demand for components benefits primarily from your periodic booking of batch production. True False


Group production causes lumpy demand for components.

a few. 5. MRP is used within most MRP II and ERP systems.

Authentic False


MRP II and ERP systems incorporate MRP.

6. 6. The expert production routine states which in turn end items are to be developed, in addition to when and exactly how many. Accurate False


These are critical advices into MRP.

7. several. Net requirements equal low requirements minus safety stock. True Fake


If basic safety stock is needed, net requirements will be bigger. 8. 8. The grasp schedule has to be for a period long enough to hide the stacked or cumulative lead period necessary to create the end products. True Fake


This makes sure that materials ideas can be adequately formulated. on the lookout for. 9. At first, a expert production routine - the output from MRP - may not represent a feasible plan. True Bogus


Management need to make more detailed potential requirements about to determine if these further capacity requirements can be fulfilled and some changes in the grasp production plan may be required. 10. 10. MRP, considering inventory placement, bills of fabric, open obtain orders and lead times guarantees a feasible production plan if the inputs to MRP happen to be accurate. True False


MRP may lead to a great infeasible production plan if capacity requirements are not regarded. 11. 11. The bill of materials implies how much materials will be needed to produce the quantities over a given expert production timetable. True Bogus


The bill of materials shows how much material will be required to produce one particular unit in the item under consideration. 12. 12. A bill of materials includes a listing of each of the assemblies, parts, and components needed to develop one product of an end item. Authentic False


The bill of supplies indicates just how much material will probably be needed to generate one device of the item in question. 13. 13. The bill of materials contains information concerning lead moments and current inventory placement on every element required to develop the end item. True False


Inventory information contain this info.

14. 13. The products on hand records consist of information on the status of every item simply by time period. Authentic False


Inventory records as well contain information about lead moments and current inventory placement. 15. 12-15. An assembly-time chart signifies gross and net requirements taking into account the latest available products on hand. True Bogus


Assembly-time charts have to do with capacity, not inventory. 16. 16. MRP II would not replace or perhaps improve the standard MRP.

True Bogus


MRP II incorporates fundamental MRP.

seventeen. 17. The gross requirements at one particular level of an MRP program determine the gross requirements at the subsequent lower level continuing on right down to the lowest levels shown around the bill of fabric. True False


Released order quantities at one level determine major requirements on the next reduced. 18. 18. The gross requirements worth for any offered component is equal to the net requirements of this component's immediate parent increased by the volume per mother or father. True False


Released purchase quantities intended for the parent lead to gross requirements of the child. 19. 19. The definition of pegging refers to identifying the parent items which have generated a given pair of material requirements for a part or subassembly. True...



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