Nestle's Growth Technique

Name: Strini Naidoo

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System Title: Strategies Management Program

Subject Title: Global Organization: Nestlé's Expansion Strategy Name of Lecturer: F. Hillen

Assignment Type: Individual Project

Venue and Day: Durban, Saturday

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Executive Synopsis

Nestle is among the oldest international businesses in the world. It was founded by Heinrich Nestle in 1866 in Swiss. At first that they distributed " milk food” which made up of powdered dairy, baked meals and sugars. Due to the scale Switzerland plus the limited options, Nestle was forced to look at other countries for growth opportunities. In 1905 that they merged with Anglo Switzerland and added condensed dairy and baby formulas with their product line. Nestlé's long term investment policy started to be evident when they built milk and infant food control plants in america and Britain in the late 19th century and in Australia, South America, Africa and Asia inside the first 30 years of the twentieth century. In 1929 they will acquired a Swiss delicious chocolate maker and expanded into the chocolate business. Nestle then developed Nescafe, the world's first sencillo coffee beverage which been huge in the food and beverage market. After Community War 2, further purchases were made in the food organization which corroborate Nestle as being a major person in the foodstuff production industry. They have 500 factories in 76 countries and their goods are sold in 194 countries - which can be nearly every region in the world. More than a decade ago Nestle revenue were at SWF seventy two billion ($ 51 billion), but only 1% occurred in Switzerland and similarly just 3% of its 210 000 workers are located in Switzerland. Nestle was the leading manufacturer of infant formula, powdered milk, chocolates, instant coffee, soups and nutrient waters and number two in ice-cream, breakfast cereals and pet meals. Although Nestle had attained fantastic expansion and success through the acquisitions of other companies and also throughout the development of innovative products via its R and d (R& D) division, they realized that for the company to stay to grow, other strategies would have to become explored. Fresh markets needed to found and even more innovative items needed to be designed to suit these types of markets. Nestle also utilized novel strategies in their staffing policy and management framework and elevated the importance of its durability priorities. The following pages can describe the journey used by Nestle and more importantly whether, the new approaches and improvements have been powerful.


Even though Nestle was successful, these were concerned with preserving their expansion rates. The developed market segments of The european union and America were over loaded and Nestlé knew that they can would soon lose all their market share as a result of increased competition from other multi-nationals with varied but related product lines just like Heinz, Energi and ConAgra. Price battles would diminish profits as retailers would play makes off against one another thus driving prices down. Buyers were also moving away from larger level manufactured brands and moving towards across the country supermarkets and discount shops who introduced their own personal brands.

Reacting Nestle started to focus on the emerging markets of East Europe, Asia and Latina America to sustain and increase their development rates. The governments of those developing countries adopted industry oriented guidelines which offered attractive work at home opportunities which a multinational company like Nestle could not disregard. There was also an economic and population growth in these producing nations that Nestle can exploit. Though these...



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