funds talks, my own says good bye.

Cash is associated with everything, for this reason you can never have sufficient of it. Generally speaking money isn't needed in order to live, in the world we live in today it is. Certainly with Ould - Quindlen and the fact we spend our money about useless items we no longer need. Also our government and nation spend money on useless stuff we don't will need, such as a big military, malls, casinos, ect. We should be adding our cash to better work with such as better schools and trying to get our nation out of debt rather than digging a deeper hole that soon we wont be able to get away of. Conserve our cash for things actually need, new clothes, foodstuff, education, give it to charity rather than buying a fresh TV its not necessary. There are tons of things you could possibly be spending your dollars on apart from useless trash.

People are frequently always looking to get the latest trend, I-phone, I-pad, big TV's, the hottest clothing, games and tons more. All that rubbish isn't necessary, you should be conserving your money and using it for your education. More recently education is so important in terms of finding a job, and also you need profit order to purchase tuition, literature, ect. I have been saving for about 4 years i have more than 50 cisterns full of transform and buck bills set aside for collage. I could've spent that money about video games or clothes, yet no, I am just being clever and saving it for something basically important.

Each of our government actually spends money on things we don't really need, such as the military for example. Our federal government spends 683. 7 billion dollars on the army, that is entirely ridiculous! Certainly I understand we really need protection, but its not necessary to have to have the biggest military of all the countries, quite often we not necessarily even in combat, so when we are the usually us poking are heads into other countries business. We ought to be using almost all of the money about better...



Fame and glory Composition

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