McDonald's in the Fresh Millennium: Pros and cons

Response to Q1:

Customer tastes will be changing in healthy, significantly less meat and focus on the origin of poultry or meats are less or no hormone to enhance animal develop up quickly. At same time, vegetarianism has become cool, and teen eat meat less. McDonald's have to transform their menu to healthier image to get facing the change. The teenage now is McDonald's foreseeable future potential customer, nevertheless the image of fast-food is most probably the unhealthy food, McDonald's need to change the poor image to the healthy 1.

Answer to Q2:

The fast-food sector is changing their things healthier. Hamburger or non-hamburger segment set high value on healthy food including chicken burger or salads. The fast-food industry getting healthier than previously and the potential clients whom care what they take in will go to McDonald's obtain they want. The competitive strategy is toward to hear what customer need and produce new life style such as healthy food or vegan food, and changing quickly for keeping unique client and gaining even more as well.

Answer to Q3:

Strengths intended for McDonald's:

Number 1 Fast-food chains- include bigger market share than others.

Weakness intended for McDonald's

Picture of McDonald's fast-food is unhealthy-got to change harmful image to healthy one particular. McDonald's have got large business than others fast-food restaurants. It talents are more people could know the dimensions of the news of McDonald's and easy find it away when include new product or perhaps promotion McDonald's should change the image to this fast-food can be healthy food, and plus large share market, McDonald's foreseeable future will attract more healthy food lover and doing well for its customers.

Solution to Q4:

For me, McDonald's should certainly develop a separate strategy for weighty user section. According textual content book” A few of these customers visit fast-food cafe 20 occasions per month and spend up to $40 each day in all of them. ” McDonald's could develop new strategy for them including home delivery for free purchase more than $49 or other promotions. They can be major customer as...



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