Mad City: The Power of the Press

Mad Town: The Power of the Media

Over the last five decades, the press has had an enormous growth along with the advance of technology. All of us live on a society that depends on the multimedia. As common persons, when we woke up the vital thing we carry out is; Start up our TELEVISION and watch the news. One reports report can easily became the main topic of conversation for the, or even weeks. The mass media can mobilize a whole nation within two minutes of a report. But do we really trust multimedia? Are all of us hundred percent certain the information provided is trustworthy, or will the media produces information with their own ease, and manipulates the audience to trust on what exactly they are saying?

On the motion picture " Upset City” the TV journalist Utmost Bracket was covering a tale at a local museum the moment suddenly a bigger issue happened. Sam Mcneally had just lately lost his job like a security guard too museum. So that you can get his job back, Sam your museum with all the only objective of effective Mrs. Banks, his older boss to provide him his job back again. After a short while of arguing with Mrs. Banks, Mike became troubled and anxious and sets a shotgun that unintentionally hits one other security guard. That situation make him think even more eager an leaded him close all doors and windows of the art gallery. Mean while at the the restroom Max Mount was revealing via cellphone a " hostage situation”. At that point many individuals had already heard about the " hostage situation” that what was taking place at the museum.

Mr. Bracket started to be so obsessed to have the complete story for his personal that he became Sam's guidance. Group persuaded Mike negotiate together with the police. The deal was to led one youngster go home, in the event they led Bracket interview him ahead of the cameras. For the interview, Mike was going to explain the situation, saying the blast was an accident and that the just thing this individual wanted was his work back to support his relatives. After the interview many people from a large number of parts of the country gather around the museum. Some...



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