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Large Explosion & Chemical Fireplace at Westbury Factory

Huge increase led to a tragic episode for most family members in Westbury factory.

A tremendous chemical plant explosion in Westbury stock on Wednesday early morning. A whole lot of families are struggling and some households are depressed. Neil Junio, Student Correspondent

On Thursday, February nineteen, 2013, Shop-C section of the Westbury stock was ruined due to the large chemical herb explosion due to some of the workers' negligence.

According to the company, the chemical methanol was being unloaded by a automobile when the huge increase occurred. Methanol is a very flammable, toxic, wood alcohol. American citizen Jessica Lee says 108 people were murdered, 200 were injured, and also 50 of these lost all their eyes.

" My husband was there when the explosion happened, it's hard to accept the fact that he is gone, but me and our children has to move on” said Lee.

The portion of the factory that was destroyed cost $2M to build. The manager of the factory will not sue anyone because of how much difficulty the workers operate every day. The full factory was shut down for maintenance the same time the huge increase happened. The corporation is going to close the factory until further notice. The CEO with the Westbury manufacturer will hold a candlelight vigil this coming Sat around 10 in the morning when you have lost all their love ones. " We have a fresh worker throughout the factory, and he might be involved in this explosion due to his lack of attention to the equipment, etc” explained Ray.

Firefighters from the Newton Abbott Open fire Company, the Hamburg authorities, and ECC security removed the building and took up to possible remainders that they can acquire out.

ECC says it wants to15325 reopen the chemical stock for work early in the near future. A lot of families are suffering from pain because of the explosion that occurred last night and some households are despondent.



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