Limerick Pogrom 1904

The Limerick Holocausto

The Limerick Pogrom, sometimes known as the Limerick Exclusion, was a fiscal boycott fought against the little Jewish community in Limerick, Ireland, for over 2 years in the initially decade of the twentieth 100 years. It was accompanied by violence, and caused a large number of Jews to leave the city. It was instigated in 1904 by a Redemptorist  priest, Father John Creagh. Eighty Jews were driven from other homes. In spite of the support in the Protestant community, Jews were unable to withstand the boycott, and lots of fled to Cork, where they were welcomed by local human population. Census earnings record 1 Jew in Limerick in 1861. This kind of doubled by simply 1871 and doubled once again by 1881. Increases to 35, 90 and 145 are proven for 1888, 1892, and 1896 respectively. A small number of Lithuanian Jewish tradespeople, fleeing persecution in their homeland, began coming in Limerick in 1878. They initially formed an accepted part of the city's retail control, centred about Collooney St . The community set up a synagogue and a cemetery in the 1880s. Easter Sunday of 1884 saw the first of what were to be a series of sporadic violent antisemitic attacks and protests. The wife of Lieb Siev and his kid were wounded by pebbles and her house broken by a great angry crowd for which the ringleaders had been sentenced to hard time for a month. In 1892 two households were defeated and a stoning happened on November 24, 1896. Many information about Limerick's Judaism families are recorded in the 1901 census that displays most had been peddlers, nevertheless a few had been described as drapery dealers and grocers.



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