Life in Ireland & Typhoid Fever

1 ) During the thirties in Ireland, the majority of the people lived in the countryside. There are several later marriages and high birth-rates in the countryside areas of Ireland at this time. A number of them from Ireland were immigrating to Great britain because of overcrowding and poor economic conditions. Ireland was also struggling an economic war with Great britain at this time. Several popular kinds of entertainment in Ireland were cinema, cross-road dancing, and sports.

2 . There are lots of similarities towards the poem regarding the highwayman and the history of Patricia and Frankie. In " The Highwayman" Bess, the landlord's girl was not permitted to talk to the highway gentleman because of her father. This is certainly similar to " Typhoid Fever" because Frank and Patricia were not allowed to talk to one another because the nuns and nurses wouldn't let it due to their diseases. One more similarity is the fact Bess drops dead in " The Highwayman” and Patricia dies in " Typhoid Fever”. In addition, it seemed as though Frank started coming in love with Patricia, like how a thief acquired fallen crazy about Bess. In " Typhoid Fever" Honest stated, " I'd enjoy doing that myself, come by moonlight for Patricia in the next place not giving a hoot even though hell should certainly bar how. ” My inference of the line is that Frank believed that his relationship with Patricia was similar to the thief's relationship with Bess.

3. Outspoken McCourt could re-create the voice of the 10-year-old son in " Typhoid Fever” because the situations described in " Typhoid Fever” were of his own. " Typhoid Fever” came from a memoir Honest had written, that has been called Angela's Ashes. A memoir is a biography or an account of historical events, especially a single written via personal expertise. I also believe Frank McCourt was able to re-create the tone of voice of a 10-year-old boy because of how he had the main character act and talk. For example , when Patricia asks just how old he can and appears disappointed when he says ten, Frank says, " But I'll be 12 in August, the following month. ”...



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