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Kaptai Dam (Bengali: কাপ্তাই বাঁধ) is found on the Karnaphuli River at Kaptai, 65 km upstream from Chittagong in Rangamati District, Bangladesh. It is an earth-fill embankment atteinte with a water tank (known because Kaptai Lake) water memory space of 6th, 477 km³. The primary reason for the construction of the dam and reservoir was to generate hydroelectric power. Construction was designed in 1962. The generators inside the 230 MW power stop, called Karnafuli Hydroelectric Power Station, had been commissioned between 1962 and 1988.[1][2] Contents 5. 1 Record * 2 Construction * 3 Explanation * some Disadvantages * 5 Paperwork * 6th External links| History

A quick reconnaissance took place in 1906 if the Karnafuli Hydropower Station was initially contemplated. The second study was carried out in 1923. In 1946, At the. A. Moore recommended the proposed job at Barkal about 65 kilometers upstream of present dam web page at Kaptai. In 1950, the Marz Rendal Vatten Consulting Technical engineers suggested a site at Chilardak, about 45 kilometers upstream of Kaptai. In 51, the government technical engineers proposed Chitmoram, 11 kilometers downstream of the present web page. Under the advice of in that case Chief Engineer (Irrigation) Khwaja Azimuddin, the construction site was chosen currently location of the atteinte in 51. Utah International Inc. was selected as construction service provider. The construction in the dam were only available in 1957. Construction

Starting in 1957, the first phase with the construction was completed in 62. By this time the dam, spillway, penstock and two forty MW Kaplan turbine-generators had been built inside the power place. In August 1982 a 50MW generator was comissioned. In October 1988 the 4th and sixth generating units, both 50 MW Kaplan-type turbines, had been installed which raised the total generation capacity to 230MW.[3] The total cost of Product 1, Device 2 and a part of Unit 3 was Rs. 503 million plus the total expense of extension was Tk. 1, 900 , 000, 000. The job was financed by the East Pakistan...



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