Analysis of Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath

One can possibly Help A number of Defeat Give up hope

When the damage of Dustbowl hit the families in Okalahoma, turmoil erupted. Available The Fruit of Difficulty, John Steinbeck prevails a story of misfortune and struggle, but likewise the conquering of success. Each character in this novel individually matures, however Ma Joad's development is the most significant. She is the threshold with the family's health. Through each of the obstacles the Joad family members faced, Ma grew in strength and drive and maintaining the family's faith and expect future accomplishment.

Mother is a hardheaded and persistent woman. When she had an idea, the girl put it into action and was determined to succeed. As Tom explained Ma, " An' Ma ain't no person you can push aroun' not. I seen her the fatigue hell out of a container peddler having a live chicken breast one time 'cause he offer her an argument… Couldn' even consume that chicken breast when the lady got completed. Wasn't nothing but a pair a legs in her han'" (50). If Ma won't agree with a thing, not only will the disagreement create a heated argument, but it will also end in her favor. The lady doesn't permit anybody drive her around. Even when conditions came to governing bodies, what the girl said travelled, and the lady made sure than it. When the police came to the Joad's tent, on the roadside, and purchased Ma to find the family crammed and removed, Ma courageously said, " Mister…you received a container button an' a gun. Wherever I originate from, you keep the voice straight down. ” The girl advanced on him with all the skillet. This individual loosened the gun holster. " Get ahead…scarin' a female. I'm pleased the men individuals ain't here. They'd tear ya to pieces. During my country you watch your tounge” said Ma (235). Your woman wasn't attached to the tone the Police police officer had with her, she wanted to collection him directly and convince him to believe that anything at all he explained wouldn't concern her. Similarly, later in the book, Ma scowls at Mrs. Sandry, " Git! …don't you never come back! Noticed your kind before. You'd probably take the little pleasure woudn' you? ” Ma advanced on Mrs. Sandry...



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