With the promise of creating this country in to " Digital Bangladesh” the government of Bangladesh introduced their first notebook to target the segment in the people of Bangladesh who can`t find the money for to buy a costly big name notebook computer. Doel may be the first Netbook computer made in Bangladesh by Telephone Shilpa-Songstha Limited, which is located in Tongi, Gazipur. Named after the national bird, Doel may be the first ever notebook brand to get assembled in Bangladesh, which is believed to revolutionise the high tech industry of the country. With the aim to bridge the interaction gap between our persons and ICT, by providing laptops at an cost-effective rate, this initiative gives scopes to make capacity, teach local personnel and improve the country's ICT competence. At present, Shilpa Songsthe Limited has manufactured four diverse classes of Netbooks: The essential DOEL Netbook computer, DOEL Major Netbook, DOEL Standard Netbook and DOEL Advanced Netbook computer Need for Research:

To know and understand each of our county because potential industry for laptop computers I need to really know what customer and potential consumers' perception to a Bangladesh made laptop computer. Would it always be lucrative sectors for laptop computer manufacturing will depend on how accept Doel as being a Bangladeshi laptop computer brand. Should certainly other home grown brands develop line of laptop computers for general people. Issue Definition: Prospect of Doel the 1st notebook manufactured in Bangladesh Aims

2. Know Perception towards Bangladeshi laptop manufacturer Doel amongst laptop users * Evaluate Prospect of rising market surrounding laptop/notebook computers in Bangladesh 2. Find out the Factors that Influence visitors to buy notebook /laptops

Research Design

The investigation will be made by conducting review on users and potential laptop users in Bangladesh. The survey will also cover the portion of people who perhaps have been hit by the recent economic climate and are unable laptops but might be benefitted by it. That means rural entrepreneur, students, SME owners etc .

Data Collection

To execute the...



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