Cmgt 441 Week 2

Evaluating Writing Conventional paper


Mentor: Dr . Shive Bhagan

May 26, 2012

University of Phoenix

Author's Name: Doug Gross

Author's Title or Position: Technology

Author's Organizational Affiliation: В Facebook Users

Time of Web page Creation or Version: Might 11, 2011


The article on Fb apps released users' details, security. Lawmakers says that hundreds of thousands software may have gotten get tokens to user personal information into the hands of not authorized parties. Allegedly the company has corrected the situation. This article will end up being evaluated about its usefulness and quality or appropriateness. After thoroughly reviewing the article critics can evaluate the conventional paper accordingly.

The usefulness with the article support the augment to how Facebook programs leaked users' information however , the enhance does not display or provides proof whether it is authentic and if therefore the article usually do not state how much information while leaked and who the info was leaked to. For example of my personal survey outcomes: * Businesses

5. Mainly advertisers

* Users' profile

* Photographs

* Chat

2. Personal information

2. Symantec's offers reported defects

The information that can be challenged is that Symantec to deal with the problem nevertheless there has not been an intensive investigation that shows details got into the hands of unauthorized functions.

The writer should that information offered misinterpret and was not carefully proved. The author showed the fact that claim to end up being invalid. To the contrary it revealed some regular bias in a few part of the article.





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