An investigation into the affects of a

An Investigation into the Impacts of

the Executive Management Schooling Programs

in Saudi Arabia


Raed Meters. Othman

M. S. in Architecture, 1989, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia M. S. in Civil Engineering, 1992, Case Western Arrange University, Kansas, USA

A Dissertation Submitted to

The Faculty of

The School from the Engineering and Applied Research

of the George Washington University in incomplete fulfillment

from the requirements intended for the degree of Doctor of Science

December 23, 2004

Dissertation Directed by

John 3rd there’s r. Harrald, Ph level. D.

Teacher of Executive Management and System Anatomist

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An Investigation into the Impacts from the

Engineering Management Training Courses

in Arab saudi

Two-thirds of engineers will be dealing with management activities. The need for engineers together with the abilities to make use of engineering principles and the abilities to manage persons and projects in specialized organizations is definitely rapidly growing. Training institutes around the globe have presented and continue to offer Executive Management Schooling Programs (EMTP) to thousands of engineers.

This kind of descriptive study employed a built-in framework by combining the EMTP with training evaluation in order to check out the influences of the EMTP and the influencing training elements that lessen or help the EMTP. The framework's hypothesized effects on technical engineers, projects, and organizations, and hypothesized organizations between the affecting training elements and each analysis level, had been examined. The EMTP's review questionnaire originated as a data-collecting instrument, and a 5-point Likert-type scale was applied as a measurement scale. The reliability agent alpha in this survey was 0. fifth 89.

The study's subjects were 149 previous trainees of the EMTP on the Institute of Public Supervision (IPA). The IPA is definitely the largest teaching institute in Saudi Arabia. The subjects' answers to the EMTP's questionnaire had been analyzed through descriptive stats analysis (e. g., frequencies, measures of associations). The vast majority of subjects: responded positively (favorably) to the EMTP; achieved " B” or perhaps above because their EMTP's final grades; moved the received skills and iii

familiarity with the EMTP to their work-settings; agreed that the EMTP acquired positive affects on them, their particular projects, and their organizations; and agreed on the affecting teaching factors, which usually inhibited or facilitated the EMTP.

Examined at the zero. 05 degree of significance, this study developed statistically significant associations between most parameters in the study's framework. The results with this study support in general the study's platform. The study implies that Pearson's ur two-tailed correlations yielded statistically significant great relationships between: (1) the transfer of the EMTP as well as the impacts in the EMTP within the engineers (0. 37), the projects (0. 53), plus the organizations (0. 44); (2) the effects of the EMTP and the engineers' transfer of the EMTP for their work-settings (0. 49); (3) the engineers' transfer with the EMTP plus the projects' execution profile (0. 29) and the organizational climate (0. 19); (4) the engineers' learning of the EMTP and the engineers' reactions for the EMTP (0. 20 ); and (5) the engineers' reactions towards the EMTP as well as the EMTP's items (0. 36), the EMTP's trainers (0. 56), the EMTP's training facilities (0. 22), plus the EMTP's transferability (0. 41).

It has long been believed that Engineering Administration directly boosts performances of engineers,...



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