A unique Movie – Avatar

An Interesting Video – Avatar

Racheal Rebolloso

ENG 240: Introduction to Film

Instructor Matt Norsworthy

Mar 22, 2010

An Interesting Movie – Avatar

As being a lover of cinema, I possess seen many movies that I find interesting or fascinating in some manner. Recently, the most impressive film I possess seen is Wayne Cameron's Character. This science-fiction epic was performed using cutting edge technology although also has a tale line that may be engaging and captivating intended for the audience. The movie has root themes which will make the audience believe and feel while staying entertained. Character stretches the bounds of cinematic creativeness and takes the viewers on a wild ride. This movie is meaningful and fabulous all at the same time. Character has a strong moral fiber that plays through the entire entire video. It is a significant reminder that all life is valuable and really worth being investigated. This film is important to me for a lot of reasons.

Avatar takes place in the year 2154 on a moon called Pandora. Humans have realized very valuable natural methods on The planet pandora and will carry out whatever it takes to obtain what they want. Initially, the humans determine that using force to adopt control of the time may be the wrong way to go about dealing with those of The planet pandora. The Earthlings decide instead to set up universities and educate English towards the moon's habitants to try to earn them above. The main people of The planet pandora are the Na'vi, a 10 ft . tall, blue-skinned humanoid unfamiliar group that live in the rainforests of Pandora. The humans are able to interact with the Na'vi by artificial yet organic and natural avatars, patterned on Na'vi DNA although controlled using a human head and mind.

Jake Sully, a crippled Sea, is given the work of sneaking past the Na'vi and speaking them in leaving their very own homes. Having been injured and it is now wheelchair bound. In order to have the required surgeries to re-gain the use of his legs, Mike must take this offer...

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