A Class Divided

LaDonna Mackover

Sociology School

Frontline Article

June twenty-two, 2013

WC: 1067

" A class divided”

In 1968 the words DISCRIMINATION, RACISM and STEREOTYPING had been used each day and no 1 thought two times about it. This came from dread and lack of knowledge from folks who were scared to see people different from all of them. When Doctor Martin Luther King was shot, this changed the earth, whether it was for the better or perhaps not is unclear. Mrs. Her Elliot coming from Riceville, New jersey set out to replace the way her third quality class considered these things by doing an TRY THINGS OUT, in hopes that this would spread and ideally one day acquire her communication across to everyone. The lady separated her class between blue eyed and the dark brown eyed youngsters to replicate what a COMMUNITY person were required to go through in comparison to a non-minority person. Back in the 1960's racism was just about everywhere, schools were segregated, and Dr . Martin Luther Ruler was on the mission to modify that. His STATUS was a hero, not simply for black people however for everyone. He was trying to reduce the walls of PREJUDICE for everybody, not just hispanics. He wished equality for everybody and to break the JUDGMENT that everybody thought of minority people. Doctor King was fighting against what he called the Triple Evils, POVERTY, RACISM and MILITARISM. He presumed that these were forms of violence in a vicious cycle. This individual thought these people were interrelated, all-inclusive breaks and stood as obstacles to people living in what this individual called the Beloved Community. This was a spot he was looking to reach for all of us, a place exactly where poverty, hunger and homelessness wouldn't become tolerated since human decency will not allow it. Every forms of elegance, BIGOTRY, and PREJUDICE will be replaced with a feeling of close friend and sisterhood(thekingcenter. com) It had been a beautiful fantasy for everyone to reside so if he was taken and wiped out, RIOTS and PANIC loaded the streets. Everyone to this day remembers exactly where they were when he was...



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