3M's Post-It Flag Highlighter: Increasing the Concept

Week you Case Study – 3M's Post-it Flag Highlighter: Extending the notion 1 A) How would 3M's David Windorski obtain ideas from college students to aid him in designing the ultimate commercial edition of the Post-it Flag Highlighter? David Windorski got tips from university students by setting up focus teams and then creating sample types to give away so long as after a month of usage a set of questions was filled out giving him feedback.

B) How were these types of ideas essential to the success of the merchandise?

By allowing what he observed as the conclusion buyer to use the product and provide him direct feedback gave him an insight into his market and let him understand exactly what the students wanted from your product.

2 What (A) special positive aspects and (B) potential complications did 3M have in introducing a brand new highlighter-with-flags goods for university students? A) The biggest special edge 3M got was that there were no other product available like it. This kind of alongside the industry research that were there already performed showed a need for the product. B) The actual problems 3M experienced was that not all persons use highlighters or flags or equally and the merchandise just might certainly not sell.

4 In what ways may possibly 3M make an effort to promote its Post-it Banner Highlighter and make pupils more aware about the product?

Ways in which 3M may possibly promote the Post-it Banner Highlighter happen to be internet advertising on college book websites, displays created to be create near cash registers of school book shops, and marketing in college newspaper.

5 Exactly what the (A) special options and (B) potential problems for 3M taking their Post-it Banner Highlighter in international markets? (C) Which countries will need to 3M target its advertising effort? A) The most notable exceptional opportunity that 3M would have introducing the Post-it Banner Highlighter internationally would be entry to a large number of audience of a exceptional product. B) Major potential challenges intended for international advantages of this item would...



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