3g Technology - Classification


Definition of 3G:

3G is the third generation of wireless technology. It comes with enhancements more than previous cellular technologies, like high-speed tranny, advanced multimedia access and global running around. 3G is mostly used with mobiles and mobile phones as a means to connect the phone online or additional IP networks in order to make tone of voice and online video calls, to download and upload info and to browse the web.

How is 3-G Better?

3G has got the following innovations over 2 . 5G and previous networks: * Several times bigger data rate;

* Enhanced audio and video streaming;

* Video-conferencing support;

* Internet and WAP browsing by higher speeds;

* IPTV (TV through the Internet) support

3G Technical Specifications:

The transfer rate intended for 3G systems is among 128 and 144 killerbytes per second (kilobits per second) for devices which have been moving fast and 384 kbps for slow ones(like for pedestrians). For set wireless LANs, the speed goes beyond 2 Mbps. 3G is a set of solutions and standards that include W-CDMA, WLAN and cellular radio, among others. 3-G follows a pattern of G's that started in the first 1990's by ITU. The pattern is actually a wireless effort called the IMT-2000 (International Mobile Communications 2000). 3-G therefore comes just after 2G and 2 . 5G, the 2nd generation solutions. 2G technologies include, and others, the Global Program for Portable (GSM) -- the famous cellphone technology we all use today. 2 . 5G brings requirements that are midway between 2G and 3G, including the General Packet The airwaves Service (GPRS), Enhanced Info rates to get GSM Advancement (EDGE), Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) etc . 3G Auction:

The public auction for 3-G mobile driving licence ended with RCom, Bharti and Aircel bagging 13 circles every single, and will leave the government with an Rs 67, 710 crore income windfall. Yet , no single owner managed to handbag all twenty-two circles being offered — the total bid price for which touched Rs of sixteen, 750. fifty eight crore around the 34th day of bidding today. Anil Ambani-led RCom will pay Rs 8, 585. 04 crore towards the 3-G licence, but the single largest outgo will be from Bharti that will spend Rs doze, 295. 46 crore. Vodafone, which is second in terms of charge outgo, can be paying over Rs 14, 617 crore for driving licence to offer high-speed voice and data service in eight circles.

Key groups Mumbai and Delhi traveled to Bharti, Vodafone and RCom.

Bharti complained the auction file format and severe shortage forced up the prices beyond sensible levels. The government had fixed a hold price of Rs several, 500 crore for 3G spectrum and had originally believed to raise Rs 35, 500 crore in the sale. " We would like to indicate that the market format and severe range shortage, along with resulting policy doubt, drove the values beyond fair levels. As a result, we could not really achieve our objective of pan-India 3-G footprint through this round, " Bharti said in a affirmation.

Seven operators, who had been in the mix for three-four slots of spectrum, experienced welcomed the format inside the mock public sale. " That they knew what they were bidding. I'm quite certain we ought to respect the marketplace determined cost, " telecommunications regulator J S Sarma said. " I computed Rs thirty five, 000 crore (revenue by 3G and Broadband Wifi spectrum sale) in the Finances. I'm getting Rs 67, 000 crore, almost double. So , (I will get) that much space, " Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee stated today.

The earnings mop up will help the federal government cut the fiscal shortage to almost 4. on the lookout for per cent by 5. a few per cent of GDP projected in the Price range. " Now i am happy to notice that the government will earn more than expected, " Telecom Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) A Raja said. Delhi spectrum went for Rs several, 316. 93 crore, whilst that the put money for Mumbai closed for Rs 3, 247. '07 crore. The auction of Broadband Cellular Access spectrum will start in two days and can push up the government's earnings mop up. The reserve price to get BWA radio waves is definitely Rs you, 750 crore for pan-India licence and 11...



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