1989 Dbq

Booker T. Washington vs . William E. W. Du Bois DBQ

By: Ryan Wolf


Segregation have been present in america since the early 1600's. Photography equipment Americans had been feeling the brunt of this segregation through the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Two men had taken completely different techniques as to how to approach this unfair treatment of Photography equipment Americans; Booker T. Wa, and Bill E. B. Du Bois. Booker To. Washington took a more progressive approach to African American equal rights as I Bois required a more immediate stance. In spite of their variations, both Booker T. Buenos aires and Bill E. B. Du Boqueteau took steps to improve their many other African Americans' lives by 1877-1915.

Booker T. Buenos aires thought that Black equality might come with period, and this individual urged his followers being patient. This individual urged African Americans to get an industrial education because he, him self, was a ex - slave. To. Thomas Fortune points out that Washington just wanted African Americans to get training in practical studies including carpentry and printing at his Tuskegee Institution, because he felt why these types of skills would get them out of lower income (Doc G). This was a suitable approach since highly skilled personnel were paid more. Buenos aires constantly tried to convince white-colored people that dark people could submit to them triggering the Black lynchings to decrease at a sharper charge than those of whites (Doc C). About September 14, 1895, Buenos aires gave his famous " Atlanta Endanger Address” in which he stressed that in the event that whites observed the blacks as dedicated and hard-workers, they would understand that they could be possessions to the nation (Doc D). In wish that this gives African People in the usa political equal rights, it was a risky way that many authorities could infer was not ideal.

As opposed to Washington, DuBois relied in political privileges to gain esteem for Photography equipment Americans. This individual believed that many prejudice was based on pores and skin and contest and failed to...



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